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Top Traffic Exchange List

This list of traffic exchange contains all the sites that I use myself. The order in which they are included is based solely on my personal experience. Some TEs can send very small traffic if it is used as a free member, but it will be downloaded when upgraded. Others can only cost if you are looking for a large number of sites every week (since the more you do there, the more credits you get per click). It all depends on what you are looking for, and how much time and money you can invest.If you update, all TEs will without exception give you more credits per click. Most exchanges also offer surfing bonuses or dynamic rates, which increase as you click, so the actual ratio of credit income will be higher.

 #1 Social Exchange Platform.online for about 6 years.More than 13 Million registered users, more than 6 Million active users and 700K monthly active users.Over 100 Million monthly page views from 211 countries.28 ways from 12 networks to boost your social presence.
 Features of the system: the service will help you increase the number of views, likes, subscribers and comments on YouTube.🇷🇺
Sharing views and likes, increasing the views on youtube, increasing the likes of YouTube, cheking on YouTube.
Traffic Browser is a unique browser designed especially to surf and manage your growing list of Traffic Exchanges.
Social Network Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Youtube.Exchange connections.Exchange social network connections for free.Earn money - online. 💶
Pays $0.30 per 1,000 pages surfed and $0.10 per referral. Site, text link & banner geotargeting. 💵
$0.10 per referral, up to 45% cash commissions. Top-level upgrade comes with revenue sharing.💵
Weekly jackpot with credits, money, and referrals. Geotargeting, ad exchange, 50% commissions.
Rotates upgraded member sites in 30+ traffic exchanges. Referral contests with $440 in prizes.
Daily surfer rewards with cash and credits. Pays $0.15 for each active referral ($0.25 if upgraded).
Highly unique visitors, geotargeting, popular banner exchange. Monthly referral contests.
Unique ladder system which delivers massive traffic to the top members. Text ad exchange.
Pays cash for surfing and reading solo ads. Direct 100% commissions on member upgrades
Integrated co-op delivers traffic from multiple TEs. Up to 50% cash commissions, PayPal payouts.
Play various games to win credits and cash. Buy and sell advertising in the marketplace.
Prize pages every 15 sites and daily surf rewards.
Bi-monthly promotion contest with cash prizes.
Earn Activity Points by promoting on approved exchanges and share in the weekly $20 jackpot.
Serious Workouts Designed to Pump Up Your Traffic and Cash!
Join the 74,576 Members That Already participate in our Innovative System.
Sign Up Bonus! $1, 100 Credits and 200 Banner and Text Impressions after you surf 100 pages
Drive thousands of visitors to your website.
Generating customers has never been this easy!
Free and easy way to get new visitors to your site. 100% attendance.
Get Quality Traffic to Your Websites-Advertise Your Business Opportunity Today for Free!
Owned by a Dedicated Surfer
Simple And Free-It's easy to start promoting your site in just minutes.
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